VGA and SVGA Cables

VGA, or Visual Graphics Array, was established by IBM in 1987 and rapidly became a standard for transmitting graphical data to monitors and laptop displays. While VGA cables are no longer widely available, their predecessors, SVGA (Super VGA) cables, are available online and in most computer and office supply stores. Though there are some variations in standards (XGA, SXGA, UXGA, etc.), these cables are generally low cost, and the newest cables are backwards-compatible with older monitors and displays, since they feature the same 15-pin connectors and have merely been updated to accomodate for higher screen resolutions.

SVGA Cable

When purchasing an SVGA cable, it's usually best to get a cable that supports the highest resolution possible, since these cables will likely work well with both older and newer devices with VGA ports. Always check that the SVGA cable you're considering supports, at a minimum, the maximum screen resolution you intend to use.

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