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Noise Cancelling Headphones Side Effects

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Most people have questioned are the noise-cancelling headphones side effects? Let’s find out the answer! Well, everyone wants to listen to music without interruption, so we use noise-cancelling headphones. On the other hand, if we don’t use them, for instance, when we are in a loud environment, the high volume may not only lead to frustrate us but chances increase in hearing loss.

Before starting the noise-cancelling side effects, let’s look have they positive effects on our health?

Are noise-cancelling headphones worth it, for health?

As far as noise-cancelling headphones side effects, there are some advantages as well. The noise-cancelling headphones are beneficial for health. For Instance, if you are work or live in a loud environment and there is no way to conceal the noise, then noise-cancelling headphones will be the best deal. These headphones work against sounds such as rumbling trains, airplane engines, jackhammers, traffic and more. Also, the extended period of noise can be dangerous to your hearing. However, it depends on the noise type, which differs in pitch (frequency) as well as loudness (amplitude), thus have a different effect on your health.

Another harmful effect of loud noise is; the stress level slowly raises. You might face a sleep issue and result in headaches.

The constant noise, whether it’s low-level or high-level, both have negative effects on your health. There are some studies that have shown the people lives near the noise environment have higher levels of stress hormones as compared to those who live in a quiet environment. Also, the noisy environment increases blood pressure which causes heart diseases. The cholesterol level can also be high.

Therefore, the noise-cancelling headphones protect your hearing and other health issues that can be caused by a noisy environment. In fact, noise-cancelling headphones are beneficial for health in many ways. These are specially designed to block outer noise.

If the question is do noise concealing headphones protect hearing, the answer is yes! Let’s look!

Side Effects of Noise Cancelling Headphones

Not all the glitter is gold; there are some side effects as well of noise-cancelling headphones. The noise-cancelling headphones are becoming more popular over the last decade. Apart from the benefits, there are some side effects such as ear infections.

The hissing sound in the background will be still clearly listened by your ears when you wear noise cancelling headphones can cause dizziness, mild headache, ear pains, nausea. But it can’t cause your hearing loss because it doesn’t emit radiations such as smartphone does.

Also, there some mild and extreme side effects that differ by how long you use the headphones. For Instance, you wear the headphone on the airplane, which cause you to get mild motion sickness due to the change in pressure.

Additionally, the tight-fitting headphones use for a long time can cause ear pains.   

Do noise cancelling headphones pressure on ears?

When you wear noise-cancelling headphones, there will be still a slight hissing sound in the background clearly listen by your ears. The reason behind is, the noise-cancelling headphones don’t block 100% outer noise, but they minimize. That’s why it feels pressure in your ears, and you want to pop your ears. This noise cancelling headphones pressure feeling perceive our brain. Due to the low-frequency sound (outer noise) and the high-frequency sound (Music) caused a pressure between our inner and outer ear.

So, the noise-cancelling headphones aren’t 100% perfect, but they reduce up to 70% of outer noise.  

Do noise-cancelling headphones work without music?

As we have got, the noise cancelling headphones can’t block outer noise perfectly, but indeed they work without music as well. There are headphones featured with passive noise isolation technology can work for you. However, there are some headphones with active noise cancellation which use a separate tool with its own source of power.

Can noise cancelling headphones headache cause?

Well, it probably depends on how long time you use. It can cause dizziness which in turn will cause a headache.

So What’s The Bottom Line

There are many people who have questioned are noise canceling headphones are safe? Well, overall, the facts have shown they are safe if we don’t use them for longer hours. We recommend you also avoid long exposures and tight-fitting headphones. Besides, get comfortable headphones so you will enjoy more.

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