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How to Choose the BEST Pole Saw For You?

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Who does not love a house surrounded by trees and green environment? But these trees need periodic maintenance to provide a clean and manicured look. Pole saw is a crucial tool required to cut off the thick limbs and partially broken branches of the trees. Using a pole saw, you can easily cut the branches by standing on the ground safely. 

There are various types of pole saws available in the market ranging from manual to battery operated. Choosing the best right pole saw is always a matter of thorough knowledge and your exact requirements. Here is a quick guide which will help you in finding the right pole saw:

Length of the attached pole: The length of the pole decides how long your saw can reach to cut the branches. If you need to deal with the high-trees, then it is essential to consider a pole-saw with maximum length. The average working height of pole saw varies between 10 feet to 12 feet which includes the height of your arm ranging between 2 feet to 3 feet. 

You can choose the telescoping poles which allow adjusting the length as required.

Length of its cutting bar: The range if it’s cutting bar is crucial in determining the width of the branch which you can cut using a pole saw quickly. Higher the length, more significant the diameter of branch you can cover easily. The branch you are going to cut should have a diameter less than 2-inches of the length of the pole saw you are going to use. 

Removable Saw: There are some pole saw models available which come with a detachable chain saw. Once you cut down the branches, If you want to cut down further these fallen-off branches for the fire-wood purposes, a pole-saw with removable chain-saw is highly beneficial. 

Weight: As you need to work overhead using a pole saw, it is essential that the pressure should be minimal to ensure effective working, the average weight of a pole saw is around 20 pounds, but there are several models available which varies between 7 pounds to 15 pounds in weight. These models may also smaller in size and compact in size of its cutting bar. Compared to a gas-powered pole saw, cordless and electric pole saw are lighter in weight.

 Non-slip grips: there are some models which facilitate non-slip grips to ensure better strength while cutting off the branches. These non-grip slips provide additional support to your hand, and you do not require applying a higher amount of energy to hold the saw firmly.

Anti-vibration: The vibration at the time of cutting the branches puts a strain on the hand of the user. With advanced technology, there are many pole- saws available in the market which are free from any such vibrations and ideal if you need to work for longer durations. 

Power Source: Gas-powered, cordless/battery-operated, and corded electric are some of the types of pole saw available in the market. While the gas-powered pole saw are devised for professional use considering its advanced technology and high-powered capacity, electric pole saws are ideal for personal home jobs. Pole saw with rechargeable batteries is an eco-friendly solution which is cost-efficient too. But you need to wait until you saw recharges to continue your work. If you need to undertake a small scale and simple task, a manual saw can work for you as well. 

The type of pole saw- manual, electric, cordless or gas-powered also depends on your power source as well. In case you don’t have an immediate source for electricity or gas supply, you have to settle yourself for a cordless or a manual pole-saw.

Warranty: A warranty assures the confidence of the manufacturer in his product. A product with higher warranty duration saves you from the unnecessary support and maintenance cost in case of any fault in the product. A company giving away a quality-product to its customer will not shy away in offering a lucrative warranty period as well. Choose a pole-saw with a higher warranty, even if you need to pay a slight premium price. You may end up saving more in the longer run. 

Lastly, the price of the pole saw is a decisive factor which determines if it is worth to invest in it or not. A heavily priced pole-saw does not assure a high quality unless it is backed with good warranty duration and important features. 

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