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5 best ways to make money by playing pubg in 2020

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No one can deny the fact that PUBG is one of the popular games at this moment. And we wouldn’t be surprised if you say that that you spend hours on this game because once you start playing it, there is no turning back! And what if we say that you can now make money by playing pubg? Some people may not believe it but if you are good enough then you can totally encash its popularity and make some money out of it. For best experience you can use gfx tools for pubg. GFX tools help you enhance to graphics of pubg to give you smoother experience while playing.

So which is the best way to make money by playing pubg? Well, that’s why we are here, in this article we have listed out some of the popular ways to make money via playing your favorite game that is pubg. So let’s not waste any more of your time and find out which are the best way to make money by playing pubg.

1.. Participate in online tournaments

If a game is popular then there are chances that you will find its online tournaments and when we are talking about a game like pubg it becomes one of the legitimate ways to make money out the popular game. If you are a good player and you have confidence in your skills then you can always take part in online tournaments.

There are many online sites present which hold these tournaments and if you win you will get a decent prize money.

2.. Sell in-game items

Given the popularity of the game, anyone would give you a good price for something valuable and rare in-game items. If you have enough battle points so that you can buy crates and these crates can be used to sell to anyone in exchange for money. Other than these you can also sell some rare cosmetic items too. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money just by playing pubg in your free time.

3.. Sell your account

If you are at a certain level and have played enough hours then it’s obvious that your game has some value. Now anyone would be interested in buying an account where they get some good stuff without playing for many hours. There are several websites available where you can list your game account and they will bring you a buyer. It’s too an easy way to make money by pubg.

4.. Stream on YouTube and Twitch

Streaming on youtube or twitch has become one of the popular ways to make money via pubg. If you have just started out streaming on youtube or Twitch then there are a few points you should recommend.

  • Use donation tools- the best way to make money via streaming is to ask for donations from your loyal audience. You can either use a cost-free donation tool where you can ask them to play games or watch videos and it will add money to your account. Or you can use paid function tool where you ask your audience to donate your cash.
  • Earn via advertisements- once you have gained enough viewers you can easily earn via streaming advertisements or share affiliated links.
  • You can also get sponsored and earn for promoting brands but again you will need enough viewers and subscriptions.

So these something you should keep in mind when you are streaming.

5.. Bet on tournaments

You can also earn money by betting for your favorite team or any individual. This is one of the best ways to earn money for those who are not that good at playing.

So these are the best way to earn money by playing pubg.

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