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5 Amazing Data Recovery Software To Use In 2020

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Have you lost your data recently? And are you blaming yourself for not backing up your important files? Well, we all make mistakes, don’t we? But the best thing is we have a solution which is known as data recovery software! These software are no less than a blessing for those who have lost their data and are busting their heads to get it back.

Now there is plenty of data recovery software present out there but we all know you need the best one. But how to choose the best data recovery software? Well, we are here for you to save the trouble of going through all the data recovery software and choosing the best one, so we have picked the 5 best data recovery software for you.

1.. Disk Drill

Disk Drill is one of the popular data recovery software we have. What has impressed the users is it’s easy to use interface and reliable so you can always trust the software whenever you have messed up something.

If we talk about its features then you will get multiple scan options. It deeply scans your device and you can easily recover the data. Another impressive feature is its fast speed where you can quickly restore your lost file after the scan. You can easily recover your files up to 500mb for free. You will also get data protection too with Disk Drill.

2.. Recuva

Recuva is another popular name when we talk about the best data recovery software. Recuva has an inbuilt wizard where you can easily get a guide where you can easily follow the steps and recover the data. This data recovery software is perfect for beginners who doesn’t have much technical experience.

The best part is you can easily recover the files by answering questions like file type area etc. You can easily recover your pictures, audio files, documents, videos compressed files and emails. Recuva comes with both a free version and a paid version, although the free version would be enough for you to recover data.

3.. Minitool power data recovery

With MiniTool you get to recover your 1 GB of lost data via its free version which is more than enough. You can easily recover your deleted or formatted files from your computer. The software supports many file system so you don’t have to worry about that.

If you ask us, this may be the best data recovery software because of its ability to recover data of 1 GB which is much more than other data recovery software. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface is something that has impressed its users in the first place.

4.. Wise data recovery

Wise data recovery is one of the best free data recovery software out there. Its ease of recovering files with not much effort is it’s one of the best features. This is recommended for people who want to do a quick job. It’s simple and best for one time or a quick recovery of files.

5.. EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free

We have saved the best one for the last, EaseUs is one of the best and popular data recovery software. Here you can recover 2 GB of data from its free version. You can do a quick scan by specific folders so that you recover data in no time.

So these are the best data recovery software present. So if you have lost data because of any virus or unintentionally deleted a file this software is here for your rescue. So choose any of the software from our list and you will be good to go. This post is submitted by questionsgems. One of the best website to answer all your questions about job, life, relationship etc.

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